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what is a garden

Dec 25, 2015

what is a garden? The garden is planting flowers and trees for play resting place, the original name for the old garden building, now the garden for private gardens open appellation park or villa. 

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     What is a garden features? The garden has privacy and public garden features, word is also commonly used in real estate, residential district named, such as Vanke garden, Ascot garden.

     what is a garden layout form?The layout of the garden has three kinds of rules, natural and mixed. Selected plant species vary from region to national tradition. 

     what is a garden design?Garden design, in particular, should pay attention to the allocation of ornamental plants, the first must be in line with local conditions, the principle of nature, and taking into account the long-term effect. The garden can be used for perennial flowers, flower bulbs and a biennial flowers growth space, but not the proportion of annual and biennial flowers too large. In selecting trees and shrubs, the size and number of plants should be adapted to the space of the garden. As in less than 1000 square meters of the small garden planting to grow into the future, 30 meters high and 41 meters wide of the jungle will appear congestion, and planting one or several strains of ornamental cherry or peach makes good to hear or see. Second, to take into account the plant's color and the combination of the form of beauty. The garden is often used in flower beds, flower bed, flower flowers and ornamental plants to focus on the performance of rich and colorful, and the comparison of plant posture and leaf harmonic. Should pay attention to the cultivation of lawn and ground cover plants, to avoid dew soil. Third, the need to consider the garden built after easy management, in order to save manpower and resources. In addition, the clever use of other materials such as garden, garden pavilion, gallery, flower, rockery, fountain, pool and sculpture etc. the garden king, can increase the artistic charm of the garden, and strive to achieve the "scenery is picturesque garden, a year is a flower".

    what is a garden style? Garden style include:

Chinese garden, traditional Japanese style, simple Japanese style, Southeast Asian style, traditional British style, natural English, French garden, Spanish style, American style, Mediterranean style garden, etc.

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