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what is system security

Dec 25, 2015

     What is system security?In the system life cycle,apply system security engineering and system security management method,identify risks in the system,and take effective control measures to minimize the risk,so that the system can achieve the best level of safety in the specified performance, time and cost.

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     What is system security?system security is developed for solving the security problems of complex systems.The safety theory and method system of the research is the perfect embodiment of the combination of system engineering and safety engineering.The basic principle of system security is to develop and implement safety work plan (system security), which is a new system, which is different from the traditional one. System security activities throughout the life cycle of the whole system, until the system is scrapped. 

     What is system security---Theoretical aspects

     In the accident cause theory, the emphasis is to improve the security of the system by improving the reliability of the material, so as to change the traditional concept that people pay attention to the safety of the operator and neglect the role of hardware failure in the accident. As a system element in the play of its function will be a failure.

     What is system security---Negligence and failure

     It has been found that, for the system has been built and running, the management of negligence and fault is the main cause of the accident.MORT includes many effective management methods, such as the technology of the accident decision, the standard operation, the occupational safety analysis, etc., and the energy accident release theory and the change of the viewpoint of safety management. Its basic ideas and methods have a profound impact on modern industrial safety management.

     What is system security---Safe point of view

     According to the viewpoint of system security, there is no absolute security in the world. The potential risk factors that can cause accidents are called dangerous sources, they are the fault of some things, human error, bad environmental factors, etc.. The possibility of a certain kind of dangerous source of injury or material damage is called a risk, which can be measured by the degree of danger.

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