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Design procedure of security systems companies

Dec 25, 2015

    Design steps of security systems companies are as follows:

OKorder  Design procedure of security systems companies

     Step 1:security systems companies define risk levels

     introducing safety measure in a production unit,its role is to reduce the risk to the level of the enterprise can accept. Any protective measures can not completely eliminate the risk.Because of the complexity of petrochemical production plant, the potential risk is great, and it is impossible to take measures for all risks. Therefore, it is necessary to design a safety related system before, it is clear that the degree of risk can be accepted, and what kind of risk must take measures. Only after a clear definition and classification of risk levels, in order to measure the risk of a large number of potential risks to find a key risk to be resolved.

     Step 2:security systems companies identify all potential risks

     After defining the risk level, the potential risk of the device is fully and thoroughly identified by using reasonable safety evaluation method. Only on the basis of all possible potential risks, in order to carry out a full and complete protection of the device design and verification.

     Step 3:security systems companies check protective layer design

     For every possible risk identified in the second step, consider the extent to which the existing protective measures can reduce the risk, and check whether the acceptable range is defined in the risk matrix. If you can not meet the requirements, you need to introduce new protective measures, and the introduction of new protective measures to reduce the degree of risk reduction after calculation.

     Step 4:security systems companies review the conclusions

     Check that all unacceptable risks are protected, that is, the level of all risk is reached within acceptable limits. If not, back to the third step back to the protection of the design and verification.

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