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Detailed interpretation of residential building definition

Dec 25, 2015

What is the residential building definition?


OKorder Detailed interpretation of residential building definition

Residential building definition 1:it is the buildings for people's lives.It is divided into two types: residential and residential quarters.Residential buildings is closely ralated to people's daily life, rest, entertainment .And it is the important place of people to  eliminate fatigue and  psycholosomatic edification after intense activity.

    Residential building definition 2:it is a residential form of family as a unit.It is required to ensure the safety and privacy of living.The layout is closed and open inwards.This is an important social factor of shape and design of residential buildings.Ancient residential buildings are using local materials and manual construction.

     Understand the residential building definition, and then to understand the history of residential.The housing of artificial construction first appeared in the New Stone Age.With the development of production and the increase of the content of life radually it formed a wide variety of residential buildings.With the development of capitalist economy,a large influx of rural population into the city and town house changed a lot.

    According to the residential building definition and the price of the floor of the unit.The law of the residential building is to explore the unique form of land price.And put forward a feasible method for urban residential land and commercial land.Residential building is the largest proportion of building types in urban construction.After the Second World War the housing design observed social science, psychology, architectural physics and other result.

    It must be in accordance with national and local energy efficiency design standards.For example it should conform to the 《The cold and cold area residential building energy efficiency design standard》,<The hot summer and warm winter area residential building energy efficiency design standard> and so on.

     Green building is a lamp on the road in the residential building development.It had six indicators evaluation standard.It includes land and outdoor environment,energy saving and energy use,saving material and material resources.AAnd it also has full life cycle of comprehensive performance.When the residential buildings satisfy a certain quality and environmental requirements, they can be rated as one, two or three star green building.

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