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What are the physical security measures

Dec 25, 2015

      Here is the physical security measures

OKorder What are the physical security measures

     1,Objective of physical security measures:Good measures to maintain the physical security of the factory, to resist the illegal entry and prevent the intrusion, to ensure the safety of the company's property and staff.

     2, applicable scope of physical security measures:This security measure is applied to the maintenance of all physical security measures in our department.  

     3, job responsibilities of physical security measures:Security manager, department supervisor is responsible for the planning and maintenance of all physical security.

     4,Working procedure of physical security measures:all buildings with a solid red brick wall. Windows in the storage area of the goods need to be firm and secure.At the door, window, door and railings are equipped with adequate locking devices.All buildings, parking areas must have enough safety warning signs.All international, domestic, high - value and dangerous goods are to be isolated and identified with a safe, or other enclosure. Parking areas for private vehicles and transport vehicles parking area, the loading area should be separated from the solid railing, all the railings made of not less than 5 feet above. Factory gate specified security guards 24 hours rotating guard, around the factory, loading and unloading area designated security guards to monitor. Security maintenance: mobile security guards to strengthen the plant patrol, ensure that all the doors and windows are no staff guards have been locked. A monthly inspection and evaluation of physical security measures by the security manager of the whole plant. When all the employees leave the workshop, all the doors and windows of the workshop are well locked by the following persons. Office: the Ministry of Finance: quality control department: Production Department: binding Department: the Department of the plate: Kylie emperor Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd., China's first test plant counseling agencies Kylie emperor Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd., have the industry experience factory rich field experience, mature senior consultant team, and the company independent research and development of the test plant attendance payroll system to adapt to the actual characteristics of the various types of factories, has successfully helped thousands of small and medium enterprises through the relevant certification audit;

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