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what is thephysical security definition

Dec 25, 2015

     physical security definition---Physical security is an important part of information system security strategy. It is a systematic description of threats, defects and preventive measures of the entity concerned, including physical security, physical security and the need to pay attention to the relevant laws and regulations, etc.. "Physical security" analyzes the factors in the design and configuration of physical security, the protection of facilities, equipment and information theft, and the environment and related measures to protect personnel, facilities and resources, and put forward preventive strategies.

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     physical security definition---Mainly refers to that to implement network security by physical isolation.

     The first ray of the new century, opened a new era of human civilization in the information age. Internet is increasingly integrated into all aspects of the society. On the one hand, the network application is increasingly penetrating into the government, finance, national defense and other key areas. On the other hand, the network user is becoming more and more diverse, which is becoming more and more frequent. Safety assurance capability is an important part of the comprehensive national strength, economic competition strength and survival ability of a country in the new century.

     physical security definition---Network security threats

     It can be divided into two types: one is the threat of network data; the two is the threat of network equipment. These threats may come from all kinds of factors: the external and internal staff of malicious attacks, is the biggest obstacle to the smooth development of e-commerce, government Internet Engineering, etc..

     physical security definition---What is physical isolation?

     The so-called "physical separation" refers to the internal network is not directly or indirectly connected to the public network. Physical security is designed to protect the router, workstations, network servers, physical hardware and communication links from natural disasters, man-made destruction and wiretapping attack.

     physical security definition---Why do you need physical isolation?

     Before the implementation of physical isolation, we have a number of information security measures, such as increasing the firewall, anti-virus system, network intrusion detection, vulnerability scanning, etc.. Due to the extreme complexity and limitation of these techniques, these online analysis techniques cannot provide the high data security requirements for certain institutions. Moreover, the protection of this kind of software is a kind of logic mechanism, which is very easy to be manipulated by the logical entity. Behind the logical entity refers to the hacker, internal users, etc..

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