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Fashion trend of kitchen design for industrial kitchen supplies

Dec 25, 2015

    1, form simple

OKorder Fashion trend of kitchen design for industrial kitchen supplies

     A major feature of the minimalist kitchen is the form of simplicity, which is reflected in the performance of industrial kitchen supplies design is mostly simple straight line, horizontal and vertical, reduce unnecessary decorative lines, with a simple line to emphasize the space of open. Because of the design of the straight line, the space is very strong, so that people in which feel comfortable and refreshing.

     2, functional and practical

     When it comes to simple kitchen is not to give the practical function of industrial kitchen supplies, since the simple style, in the design of industrial kitchen supplies will abandon all unnecessary complicated branch, leaving the most essential features, industrial kitchen supplies in addition to retain the most basic storage, washing, cooking and other functions, it is difficult to find other unnecessary things, knife and fork, and other practical tool is only to meet the basic needs of housewives, and not more than a variety of tools. Simple people in the eyes of the complicated function is omitted, the design of the bottom cabinet also abandoned the traditional erected in the form of ground, water, electricity, gas pipelines are hidden in the wall.


     3, color is cold

     Each style has self color, color slants cold is color representative of minimalism, the birthplace and minimalism in northern Europe has a close relationship, the tree species in the north of Europe because of Tian Han and material color slants shallow, people live a comfortable life, simple, home modified into smaller portions, simple partial cold colors become a representative of the language of minimalism. Simple industrial kitchen supplies used by two kinds of wood color, one is the use of solid wood does not carry out the color, the color of their own logs, the other is the use of wood texture of high-grade fire board. Log color can reflect the natural beauty of the wood itself, the design of the furniture, through a simple line in the log color of the atmosphere in a clean and comfortable environment.

    4, material diversification

    Wood, fire boards, stone is the basic material in the cupboard, in the camp of minimalism, after seeing the modern new favorites, such as aluminum, carbon fiber, plastics, high density glass, and so on, enrich the combination of industrial kitchen supplies and many other useful features.

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