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Advantages of luxury kitchen appliances

Dec 25, 2015


     luxury kitchen appliances have lots of advantages:

OKorder Advantages of luxury kitchen appliances

     It is compared with the traditional three sets (i.e., lampblack machine, cooker, disinfection cabinet), integrated kitchen fume without human face, if you exclude the quality and installation problems, oil suction rate is above 95%, save space, does not meet, will not drop of oil, oil spills, but integrated stove different kinds of products in the design of the scientific and rational human differences.

     luxury kitchen appliances have integrated innovation design.The hood, gas stoves, disinfecting cabinets, storage cabinets, ceramic stove, induction cooker and other functional perfect integration,has a unique combination type and high efficiency of oil absorption effect.Realize the function to maximize the use of efficiency, fully automated intelligent control,truly realized the people's requirements that pursuit of green environmental protection type high-end kitchen appliances.Traditional kitchen appliances based on traditional ideas, traditional design. In the feature combination and innovation, it is not comparable with the luxury kitchen appliances.

     luxury kitchen appliances have ultra high pumping rate:Its oil absorption rate is above 95%.The innovative application of micro air dynamics principle, the pollution sources and the external environment for a two-way isolation.Without affecting the operation of the line of sight and without the means of breathing,the smoke and steam were effectively excluded from the non - diffusion. Even the smell of fried peppers are a little soy flavor, give you a clean kitchen environment.

     luxury kitchen appliances really achieves low noise:The exhaust noise source in the design eliminates the human head, the application of ultra low noise technology and mute duct design technology, low noise.

     Relatively speaking, the traditional kitchen lampblack machine work in human auditory organ position, high noise.The long-term work in the kitchen is easy to let the human upset, dizziness, tinnitus and dizziness.

     Modern control system:Intelligent control, gas stove, range hood, disinfecting cabinet according to commonly used combination of microcomputer control mode, the operation is simple and convenient.

     While the traditional manual operation, the hood on the head of the human body, easy operation. Time is long, easy to drop oil. Wash frequently and inconvenient.

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