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The importance of free security for computer

Dec 25, 2015

     Free security for computer is a very important thing,but how to find the method of free security for computer?

OKorder The importance of free security for computer

     Before finding the method of free security for computer,let me illustrate the computer security threats that we encounter in our daily life and work.

     As we all know, security has always been the need to protect the various activities, this security is divided into many, such as personal safety, property security, personal information, information communication, and other security such as similar, online shopping, online bank transfer, all need to fill in personal information, account password, etc. if you inadvertently leaked out, will cause a lot of inconvenience and huge losses. Network deception, sometimes into a web site to view information, the registration of personal information, such as QQ number, mobile phone number, then you will receive a number of fraudulent phone calls, or a variety of marketing calls.Sometimes you want to download some information on the site, after the end of the whole is a variety of code. Influenced the normal work and study, so that any computer users should enhance the prevention awareness, take the necessary security measures, in order to be in an invincible position in the information society, to protect personal data and property security. 

     If you want to find the method of free security for computer,you need to analyze the importance of computer security.  

     With the increasing perfection of computer system function and the improvement of speed, the system is more and more complex, the system is becoming more and more complex, especially the rapid development of Internet, the number of access control, the number of logical connections, and the unprecedented expansion of software scale, any implicit defects can cause huge losses. The demand for computer systems is increasing. This kind of demand is irreversible in many ways. The computer system is turning to industry, agriculture, field, sky, sea, space, nuclear radiation environment and so on. The environment is worse than the engine room. 

     Finally, I'll give you some advice about free security for computer:1, the installation of anti-virus software 2, the installation of a Trojan inventory tool; the installation of a good firewall; closed unnecessary ports. 3, the network access control. 4, to carry out the database backup and restore. 5, application code technology. 6, cut off the transmission route.

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