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How to buy home kitchen appliances

Dec 25, 2015

See quality of home kitchen appliances:A choice, a look, a try

     One choice:it is the choice of brand, brand is a commitment, it expresses the history of the enterprise, scale, production capacity and user reputation, brand good quality of its natural will not be poor, but also has a good after-sales service.

OKorder How to buy home kitchen appliances

     A look:  is to see the process of home kitchen appliances, the product level of the most able to prove an enterprise's quality management capabilities, process to see from the details, take the soot machine,does  the face of the panel have no flaws? Is the corner treated with light? Is the key, the joint and the screws of the processing is perfect? These best reflect the quality level of a product.

     A try: is the field trial home kitchen appliances, must be under the guidance of the manufacturers guide staff, their field operation. Open the prototype, with the hand feel the wind and the size of the suction, but also to feel at different heights; listen to the noise, the key to see there is no noise.

     Noise is an important indicator to measure the performance of home kitchen appliances.it refers to the rated voltage and rated frequency, the integrated environmental protection focus to the most high speed operation, according to the provisions of the A sound power level, the state provides that the index value is not greater than 74dB.

     See suction of home kitchen appliances:Expert advice: when other indicators are maintained a good situation, as far as possible the selection of air and wind pressure value is better. Along the way, the wind and wind pressure values are not designed to be as much as they are, they are subject to many factors.

     See environmental protection:Expert advice: kitchen cooking oil and food in the high temperature conditions, a series of complex changes after a large number of thermal oxidation decomposition products, in which part of the smoke emitted to the air to form a kitchen fumes. Oil fume gas composition is complex: there are mainly 220 kinds of aldehydes, ketones, fatty acids, fatty acids, alcohols, aromatic compounds, fat, fat, heterocyclic compounds, etc., and most of them are poisonous. Therefore, in the purchase of integrated environmental protection, in addition to the size of the suction, the smell is an important indicator of the degree of reduction of the.

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