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Applicable scope of computer security programs

Dec 25, 2015

     Objective of computer security programs:In order to prevent the leakage of information and technology, lead to serious disaster, in the computer network system in the hacker, virus attacks and leakage, can timely treatment and to take effective measures to protect the system information resources. To ensure the normal operation of the computer system.r system.

OKorder Applicable scope of computer security programs

     Applicable scope of computer security programs:This procedure applies to all computer network system.

     Computer security programs---Important information and confidential information of the company

     Company shareholders, board of directors, meeting minutes, important decisions within the period of confidentiality, the company's annual operating summary, financial budget and final accounts report, pay taxes, marketing reports; the company's sales business information, supply information and customer (computer security programs

) survey data.Company development and design, technological innovation, patent information and production process.

     Security system of computer security programs:

     File, send and receive mail, fax registration receipt, reminders, repaying, borrowing, filing by designated personnel files; documents relating to the secret internal scrap processing, must first be discarded without paper, no paper; various documents, company employee work held by the data, electronic documents (disk, CD etc.), when I left the office when they go out, to be kept in a file cabinet or drawer, are not allowed to leave, even without approval, can not copy copy or carry out; without the approval of the company, not to provide any confidential information of the company to the outside world; without the approval of the company, shall not provide any information to the customer the outside world; take good care of all kinds of financial accounts, the company licenses, seal, certificate etc.

     Computer security measures:Do not put confidential documents and may be subject to the protection of documents stored at random, the file stored in the classification of the directory is stored in the specified location, when necessary, set a password. Do not open or attempt to open another file, without the lead and others, to avoid the damage of the leak or the file. Do not view or try to open the source of the message, to avoid viruses or Trojans in the computer, found abnormal and as soon as possible to the computer maintenance personnel to check. In some mail attachments, if there is some additional names: exe, com executable attachments or other suspicious attachments, please first with antivirus software killing. Detailed then using, or webmaster please processing.

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