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Recent advances in health care technology: the future of medical model

Dec 25, 2015

To maintain a healthy state and access to appropriate health care is one of the most  

important topics in our social life and one of the most important things. After  

continuous efforts, the health care system has made great progress. Technological  

progress plays a decisive role in the optimization of the current health care technology. Her new progress has improved the quality and efficiency of health care. It is obvious  

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that the success of Western medicine is largely due to technological innovation. Over the past century, we have witnessed a number of breakthroughs in new technologies and  

supported medical breakthroughs, without these important technological inventions. The  

invention of CT and MR, for example, before 1930, on behalf of advanced imaging tools,  

has dramatically changed the process of diagnosis and treatment of disease. We can  

imagine the scientific and technological progress in the field of medicine will further  

increase the weight. The innovation of medical technology is a complex process that needs to be studied and developed.

    Advances in health care technology :shopping the futher of medical care. The future of health care technology, from the perspective of industry research, highlights the research and development of industrial technology, greatly promoting the innovation and breakthrough in the medical field. The content of this book is part of the research technology of PHILPS. Phiis company in the field of medical care has been  

occupying an important position to promote health care and human health has always been  

committed to sustained, strong and successful scientific and health care technology  

research, these studies are important issues related to the future medical system. It has a close relationship with academic research activities and the daily work of the world's  

leading medical institutions. This book describes a series of new and innovative  

technologies in the field of health care. It covers the different application areas from  

the hospital to the family, and illustrates the ways in which the health care technology  

affects people's health and life, and the contribution to the improvement of hospital and family health care and the impact of the core content of the future health care system.

    Readers of this book are physicians and practitioners involved in medical practice:senior technicians, financial directors, board members, medical and health administrative officials, scientific research fund, health care practitioners, and health care  professionals and students who are interested in health care.

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