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the interesting gardener definition that I know

Dec 25, 2015

 Gardener definition:Mainly engaged in the workers engaged in gardening. Responsible for the park, gardens, orchards and other botanical garden, responsible for the cultivation of the work of the garden plant, the other is also the name of the movie.

OKorder the interesting gardener definition that I know

     Gardener definition---Basic explanation

     In the park, gardens, orchards and other plant garden.Person who is responsible for the work of the plants in the garden.

     Gardener definition---Citation interpretation

     1 specialized in gardening. Lu You "late autumn cottage zayong": "for the gardener, neighbor girl selling autumn tea." MA Zhen Yuan "West Lake spring tour thirteen" that poem: "flowers gardener Qiao Qi Yan cup drinking vessel made of crooked wood, a riot of colour clusters." Yun Xi of the Qing Dynasty "filling flower" poem: "the gardener swabbing well bar, from time to time from irrigation."

     2 this is also often referred to as educators. Liu Zhongfu "the gardener's song": "a good flower depends on the gardener.

     I saw a lot of interesting websites when I was searching for gardener definition.Such as the gardener network.The gardener network, also known as the teacher forum, the community was founded in October 2010, since its inception, has repeatedly changed its name, the teacher's blog, teacher village in March 2011 began to change its name to the gardener, and has been applied to it.

     Teachers' forum as an open, inclusive, full of humanity characteristics has been favored by the majority of educators, after six months of development, has become a forum, blog, group based communication, several major sections provide comprehensive classroom teaching, campus space, academic exchanges and public notice column, website affairs set teachers group home, a series of functions such as service, and that the comprehensive model is the core of the virtual community.I search for the gardener defined, also found a famous collection of poems which called"the gardener.

     It is one of the representative works of Tagore, India.It is a "English lyric poems about love and life", as the poetic prose poem. A total income of 85 poems, first published in 1913.

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