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Unique advantages of OKorder electrical appliance stores

Dec 25, 2015

OKorder electrical appliance stores--- provide you with the latest business information!Electrical appliance stores to provide you with the latest industry information and details, which, industry information, supply and demand, the exhibition features comprehensive, similar to the industry internet door.The client for the national investment, the major companies on the client to publish information on supply and demand, publish ads, so that the majority of enterprises and the majority of customers are more convenient. 

OKorder Unique advantages of OKorder electrical appliance stores

     OKorder electrical appliance stores are professional sales of home appliances, 3C products, the regional B2C e-commerce platform. Based on Beijing, service the world. Since the comprehensive transformation of the Internet in March 2013, it has integrated hundreds of local brands, manufacturers, nearly 10000 kinds of goods, for local businesses and consumers to provide a one-stop solution.At the same time, it provides a complete set of service plan for the regional small and medium sized commercial circulation enterprises in the traditional economic transformation. To provide consumers with 100% quality assurance of goods, and to support the delivery, 7 days no reason to return and other quality services. 

     Unique advantages of OKorder electrical appliance stores:Commodity: TV, refrigerator, air conditioning, relates to washing machine, household appliances, kitchen appliances, computer, digital audio and video products, all related to the life of electrical products. Service:

Not only is the collection of big sellers and big brands, but also to provide more thoughtful service than ordinary platform.

     Credit evaluation system of OKorder electrical appliance stores:Our credit evaluation system consists of three levels, and a grade, the purpose is to provide a reference for the integrity of the transaction. And to protect the interests of buyers in the process, and urge the seller to trade credit.

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