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Let me tell you what are telecommunications

Dec 25, 2015

     What are telecommunications?

OKorder Let me tell you what are telecommunications

     Telecommunications is an important pillar of the information society. Whether in human social and economic activities, or in the daily life of people, we can not do without telecommunications which efficient and reliable means.

     What are telecommunications?The definition of the international electricity is: "the use of cable, radio, optical or other electromagnetic systems communication.""According to this definition, any sender using any electromagnetic system, including wired telecommunication system, radio system, optical communication system and other electromagnetic system by any representation, including symbol, word, sound, image and a combination of these forms of a variety of visual, audible or available signal, to one or more recipients of the message transmission process,are known as telecom. It includes not only the traditional telecommunications media such as Telegraph and telephone, but also the modern telecommunication media, such as optical fiber communication, data communication, satellite communication and so on.

     What are telecommunications?For other meaning of "telecommunications", telecommunications (Hongkong) refers to the use of electronic technology to transfer information between different sites.

     What are telecommunications?---Classification

     Telecommunications include different kinds of remote communication, such as: Radio, telegraph, TV, telephone, data communication and computer network communication, etc..

     What are telecommunications?---Form

     The basic elements of communication system includes a transmitter, channel and receiver. The transmitter will be responsible for the information encoding or conversion of the signal suitable for transmission. The signal through the transmission channel to the receiver. In the transmission process, due to the presence of noise, the signal will inevitably be changed. The receiver tries to apply the appropriate decoding means to restore information from the signal deterioration in it. An important indicator of the channel is the bandwidth.

The structure of communication system can be point to point, also can be a little to many points, broadcast is a special point to multipoint communication form.


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