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Types of Telecommunications

Dec 25, 2015

      China Telecom Group Corporation is a large state-owned communications enterprise, China's largest integrated information service provider, with the world's largest fixed line network and Chinese information network, covering the country, around the world. Members of the unit including the throughout the country's 31 provincial-level enterprises, operating in within the types of telecommunication business, can provides telephone service, Internet access and application, data communication, video service, international and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan communication types of integrated information service, So as to meet the needs of domestic and international customer types of telecommunications services.

OKorder Types of Telecommunications

     In order to the next phase of types of telecommunication, at the same time in order to better understand the business of China Telecom, we collected the three major categories of Chinese types of telecommunication, including the functions of each business, business features, processing and so on. Information on the way to collect information through the online business hall, search method to find the main, in order to pass through the 1000 and to the office of the office to understand as a supplement.

    China Telecom's three major types of telecommunication including: public business, business, business, business number hundred business three blocks.

    Its concrete contents are as follows:

    Public service: information pastoral, day wing intercom, PIM, mobile phone newspaper, long and short message, MMS, Megaupload, day wing broadband, love music, reading Tianyi, day wing navigation, space wing, mobile payment, games, animation enterprise business: telephone services, QCHAT, mobile global eye, call center, campus VPN, a machine

    No. 100 business: No. 100 communication assistant, No. 100 business travel, SMS search Almighty due to the large number of China Telecom, which contains only one of the most representative and focus on developing business.

    And the business listed above is China Telecom in the face of continuous thin differentiation of the market and the increasingly competitive environment, continuous innovation, development of new business, so as to meet the new needs of customers. In the present report, each part will be introduced from the aspects of business related overview, business functions, business features and processing methods, while in part of the business also introduced its tariff status and provide other useful information. I hope this report will help you understand the types of telecommunication 。

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