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compact kitchen appliances industry changes quickly

Dec 25, 2015

With the improvement of living standards,as the saying goes, "Poor look at the living room rich look at the kitchen".It can see the high quality of the kitchen on behalf of the head of life quality requirements. Efficient, fast, convenient, comfortable is a good kitchen must have.

OKorder compact kitchen appliances industry changes quickly

     Compact kitchen appliances shopping malls competition further aggravated.There are three major trends:Brand positioning, high, medium and low-end brands will further open the gap between the mall,kitchen smoke way flat, market diversification trend are more obvious, the three or four level mall began to turn the kitchen electric industry new achievements increase; retail network increases agility,become the company's new way of sale.In October 1st this year the implementation of performance specification hood is also open a new door for the hood in the mall, several aspects of this guide, hood led kitchen appliances occupation gradually towards high-end, energy-saving, boutique. 

     Three trends may become the future direction of the development of kitchen appliances.In the compact kitchen appliances mall needs to grow, lampblack machine is the first consumer shopping malls, the mall due to a recovery in consumer income levels and the progress of urbanization in national policy.     With the compact kitchen appliances consumer are more and more young,consumption level in the continuous progress, high and middle compact kitchen appliances were many young people like.At the same time, young consumers are very picky, the quality of environmental protection, health, quality standards need to be more and more high. Green health is the correct direction of innovation, but also represents the need for low carbon life, will become the trend of development and trends.As compact kitchen appliances industry should be adapted to the idea of green people, young people whether it is now or in the future they are the main consumers of shopping malls. 

     Compact kitchen appliances profession should be accelerated from now on to accelerate innovation.Choose the right direction of development, continue to do their best, constantly improve their own brand image and brand competitiveness in the future can be accounted for a place in the future.

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