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Latest electronic devices

Dec 25, 2015

      Recently, we have introduced some of the latest electronic devices

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      Latest electronic devices one: solar lamp

      This is a very environmentally friendly lamps。Solar energy is absorbed and stored in the daytime to provide for the night.

      But this product is a very interesting place, during the day can be it upside down over like a potted plant in the absorption of the sun's rays. And by night and then turn it back can be used as a table lamp. In the light of the strong summer, each charge 10 hours (outdoor), can provide up to 40 hours of lighting. And even in the light of the weak light of the winter, every day 8 hours of charging (indoor), can also provide about 2 hours of lighting.

      Latest electronic devices two: you can call the pillow

      The Bluetooth products perCushion is presented in front of us, really exciting, it looks like a pillow, the exact answer is to be able to pick up the phone's Bluetooth pillow. PerCushion and Bluetooth stereo headset design, there are two speakers, for a time, it is not clear whether perCushion supports A2DP Bluetooth stereo output protocol, if supported, it is not just lying on the bed is very comfortable to call so simple, but also to enjoy the mobile phone music output.

      Latest electronic devices three: solar charge table

      Forms Intelligent recently launched a solar charging table called SOLo, which can provide power for many electronic devices in the home. Of course, in order to give full play to its functions need to be outside of the sun, so the whole product used a waterproof design. Allegedly, in typical outdoor sunshine per year for mobile phone charging 68 times, or for laptop charging 168 times, in addition to USB interface, 12V Car interface and even the ordinary three hole socket. 

     Latest electronic devices four: LCD monitor

     Although a while we had no news about the PureDepth, but obviously, the company and its multi display technology still has continued to progress, the comeback with the Samsung display the world's largest 46 inch multi LCD TV, in this month of information display, and break the past multilayer liquid crystal TV for a maximum of 30 inch records and PureDepth claimed that the technology for a single multidimensional visual invention, can let users in a display at the same time to see two separate scenes.

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