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The knowledge about botanical garden definition

Dec 25, 2015

Botanical garden definition:In a certain region, we use engineering technology and art means,by transforming the terrain(or further build mountains, stones, water),planting trees and flowers, construction and layout of Park Road to create such a beautiful natural environment and recreation is called garden.In the Chinese architecture,the great achievements is classical garden architecture. 

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     A form of art Chinese traditional culture, influenced by the traditional "ritual" culture is very deep. The topography, landscape, flowers and other buildings, as a carrier to bring out the human subject's spiritual culture.Garden has a lot of extension concepts: Garden community, Garden streets, garden city (eco city), the National Garden City, and so on.Modern life style and living environment have an urgent demand for the functional and artistic of the garden. It is more and more important to our modern life and the people's development direction.   

     After understanding the botanical garden definition, and then to understand the culture of the garden.Chinese culture has a long history and rich resources, so that China's cultural industry has a huge opportunity to produce a huge wealth of cultural industries to attract investment in the field continue to expand. Garden ancient construction industry with the "cultural industry" and "urban green" two concepts, come in and get more business.

     From the botanical garden definition, we can know the function of the garden.According to the understanding of modern people, garden is not only as a recreational use, but also has the function of protecting and improving environment.

     According to the botanical garden definition,garden category is obvious.With function to distinguish,integrated garden, zoo, botanical garden, children's Park and urban green space, etc..

     Do you know? In ancient times, the botanical garden definition is different.In the history of recreation, due to the different contents and forms,they are used different names.

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