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One of the best medical websites:Kang’ai

Dec 25, 2015

   Let’s talk about one of the best medical websites:Kang’ai. Brand design philosophy of Kang'ai LOGO. It uses pure blue as the main colors, the 'capsule' shape of the capsule is embedded into the official website 360kad.com,it means the best medical websites’s business is not always forget medicine of benevolence. Through the 360 degree health care, make a little bit more, and make unremitting efforts to guide the safety of consumers and customers reasonable medication! LOGO right orientation 'rational use more health' reflects the enterprise service value and enterprise core value bconstruction points, and guide employees to assure customers of all transactions to the 'rational use' as the criterion, to be sincere, heart medicine.So it is thought the best medical website by some users. 

OKorder One of the best medical websites:Kang’ai

   It is approved by the State Food and drug administration, which is a legitimate best medical websites. On the line for 5 years, the number of members has exceeded 12 million, APP download over 3 million, the user scale has exceeded 10000 entity pharmacies! 2014 sales of about 500 million, in 2015 1-10 month lynx Medical Museum Shop ranked first. The honorary title of 'China e-commerce hundred enterprises', 'Chinese online pharmacies' 2013 ten ', the most popular online pharmacies', '2014 best medical websites Kang'ai Multi Pocket pharmacy', '2013 annual online shopping consumer favorite goods brand' more than 25 of the national industry authoritative media awarded the honor.The strength of witness trustworthy drug -- tens of thousands of complete drug product regulations, health products, medicines and medical equipment, covering the full range of chronic diseases, geriatrics, andrology, gynecology, pediatric disease medication, to meet the various needs in everyone. Complete channel – is one of the best medical websites,  many consumers know  Kang'ai pharmacies palm APP, 'Kang'ai' micro signal, telephone,buying in the best medical websites,whether it is the store to buy or line channels, consumers can get a thorough service.Professional services: over 300 professional pharmacists providing online consultation, customer service tracking and purchase pharmacy pharmacy service. Professional storage - Super 10000 party professional warehousing and distribution base, the flow of electronic transmission belt, semi automatic parcel out of warehouse management, order the whole chain of data monitoring management.

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