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las vegas electronic show is to begin

Dec 25, 2015

     American consumer electronics show, the full name is: the United States Las Vegas  electronics show. Held in Las Vegas, Nevada, January, sponsored by the Consumer Electronics Association. During the exhibition, there will be a preview of many products or to announce new products.

OKorder las vegas electronic show is to begin

     Exhibition time of las vegas electronic show: January 6, 2016 -9

     Venue of las vegas electronic show: Las Vegas

     Organizer of las vegas electronic show: American Electronics Association

     las vegas electronic showw has a long history,it is one of the largest in the world on the Consumer Electronics Show.In recent years, computers, communications and consumer electronics integration trend has become increasingly evident, a variety of new 3C integration of products were on CES as a touchstone. 2005 is the thirty-eighth of the show, the last exhibition area of 130000 square meters, more than 2400 exhibitors, more than 130000 people in the trade audience, the amount of the transaction from last year's $850 soared to $950. Shows that the development has become the ideal place for wholesalers, chain retailers, developers and other world class buyers. It is the best pipe that Electronic firms in China to open up the United States and the United States market of neighboring countries. To understand the latest international electronics industry trend, palm, according to the latest developments in the electronics industry.

     exhibits of las vegas electronic show:

     1, consumer electronics products: home theater, LCD TV, LCD, DVD recorders, DVD player, MP3, MP4, satellite TV products, Bluetooth products, digital products, GPS, power amplifier, speaker, car audio, battery, electronic gifts, video equipment, hi fi equipment, audio-visual equipment, cameras, radios, combination audio, car audio, lamps, clocks and watches, CD player, electric piano, electronic game machine, video phone, broadcast and television equipment and ancillary products, mobile phones, personal computers, multimedia, software, computer games, video game system, education information and entertainment, entertainment.

     2, communications hardware, software and services: voice communications, digital communications, digital communications, mobile communications and radio communication technology, satellite communications technology, communications cable and fiber optic cable and other transmission equipment. Computer accessories, mobile phone accessories, telephone, network products, peripherals and accessories, etc.;

     3, related electronic components and electronic materials. The power and stability of compressor, socket, electronic components, components, home appliances accessories etc..

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