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What is physical security?

Dec 25, 2015

     What is physical security?It refers to the server hosting room facilities, including ventilation system, power system, lightning protection system, as well as room temperature, humidity conditions, etc.. These factors will affect the life of the server and the security of all the data. I don't want to discuss these factors at here, because you can make a decision when you choose IDC.

OKorder What is physical security?

     What is physical security?In here, it is emphasized that some rooms offer special cabinets for storage, while some of the rooms are provided with a rack. The so-called cabinet, is similar to the home of the cabinet as the iron cabinet, front and rear doors, there are put on the shelf and power, fans, etc., the server is placed after the door is locked, only the engine room management personnel to have a key to open. And the frame is an iron shelf, open, and the server when it is put on the shelf to the shelf. These two environments are very different from the physical security of the server, it is obvious that the server in the cabinet to be much more secure.

     What is physical security?If your server is placed in an open rack, it means that anyone can access these servers. If others can easily access to your hardware, and what security?

     What is physical security?The following is not a safe case:

     Guide Linux system with a Linux disc, the host of the root permission to get you there can be no obstacles; you can touch others' power, inadvertently, not discussed here. All this is to be a little bit, on the open rack on the server is not safe. If your server hardware can let other people easily contact, so not to have an accident is your luck, you can not find the cause of the accident or to find a responsible person.

     What is physical security?If your server only can be placed in the open rack of the engine room, then you can do so:After the installation of the system, restart the server, in the process of restarting the keyboard and mouse to pull out, so after the system is started, the ordinary keyboard and mouse will not work after the next (except USB keyboard)

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