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015 chinese restaurant supply company exposition

Dec 25, 2015

China's restaurant supply company conference communicates the chain restaurants, catering to the rapid growth of China's catering industry, to meet the needs of the industry's different areas of business and specifically to build the industry show. Procurement trading platform also directly negotiate for global food suppliers and service providers to build a large and China hotel catering group, restaurant bar, entertainment clubs, supermarkets, chain stores, importers, distributors and wholesalers.

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     China's restaurant supply company conference,relying on the strong advantages and broad influence in the catering sector,to build strong brand exhibition of China's restaurant supply company conference.Over the same period to host food and beverage ingredients, aquatic products, food and beverage supplies and kitchen equipment, food and beverage information, dining furniture and electric table, cooking oil and spices, high-end food and beverage, modern smart environmentally friendly kitchen eight major themes show. 

     China's restaurant supply company conference will focus on inviting provinces across the country and Hong Kong and Macao Catering Association (business) association, the secretary general, China hundred catering enterprises, the National Diamond Restaurant and all kinds of brand food, fast food, Western-style food, group meals, hotel company's chairman and general manager and executive chef, purchasing director, distributors, agents and large supermarket buyers to visit and purchase, help suppliers to establish high-end hotel catering industry contacts circle, improve business efficiency, reduce the transaction costs of cooperation, to build a face to face, zero distance communication platform for the catering industry procurement.

     Exhibition area of China's restaurant supply company conference:Food, agricultural products, meat, eggs, seafood, grain, spices, food ingredients, food, coffee, tea, liquor, Wine;

Frozen food, fresh food, cold chain products, logistics equipment, food and beverage equipment, cooking utensils, tableware, textiles, food processing machinery, food / equipment base;

Dining furniture, space design, real estate business; catering software, IT equipment, management system, financial / telecommunications service providers and brand franchise.

     Cooperative unit:China Hotel Association, Guangdong Province Chamber of Commerce, Guangdong province Chain Management Association, Guangdong Cuisine Association, Guangdong provincial agricultural industrialization leading enterprises association, Fujian Cuisine Association, Hainan Hotel and catering industry association, Guangzhou Western-style Food Industry Association, Dongguan City Food Industry Association, Zhongshan City, Hunan Province Chamber of Commerce catering industry, catering industry Association, Hongkong Federation of restaurants, catering industry in Macao chamber of Commerce in Hunan Province, Hunan Industry Association, Shanghai Cuisine Association, Hongkong modern management professional association (diet)

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