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cheap restaurant equipment

Dec 25, 2015

Definition of cheap restaurant equipment:cheap restaurant equipment is a general designation of equipment and tools for cooking and cooking.Cheap restaurant equipment usually includes cooking heating equipment, processing equipment, disinfection and cleaning processing equipment, Chang Wenhe low temperature storage equipment, etc..Usually used in the kitchen facilities include: ventilation equipment, such as smoke exhaust hood, air duct, air tank, treatment of waste water from the oil fume purifier, oil tank, etc..

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     Main classification of cheap restaurant equipment:

     1, hot kitchen area: gas frying stove, steaming cabinet, soup stove, cooking stove, steam cabinet, electromagnetic oven, microwave oven, oven;

2, storage equipment is divided into: the food storage part, flat shelf, cabinet, table, rice cooker, utensils, selling supplies storage part seasoning cabinet table, cabinet, wall cabinet, various bottom corner cabinet, multifunctional decorative cabinet etc.;

3, washing disinfection equipment: cold and hot water supply system, drainage equipment, washing machine, dishwasher, high temperature disinfection cabinet, etc., after washing in the kitchen operation of garbage disposal equipment, such as food waste, etc.;

4, conditioning equipment: mainly conditioning table, sorting, cutting, mixing, modulation of tools and utensils;

5, food machinery: mainly and face machine, mixer, slicing machine, beat egg machine, etc.;

6, refrigeration equipment: cold machine, ice machine, freezer, refrigerator, refrigerator etc.;

7 transport equipment: lift, pass the dish, meal, etc.;

     Cheap restaurant equipment can be divided into two categories: home and business.Household kitchen equipment refers to the use of the home kitchen equipment, and commercial kitchen equipment refers to the hotel, restaurant, bar, coffee shop and other food and beverage industry use of kitchen equipment. Commercial kitchen equipment because of the use of high frequency, so the corresponding volume is larger, power is larger, it is more important, of course, the price is higher.

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