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Related introduction of electronics products

Dec 25, 2015

     Meaning of electronics products:Electronic products refers to for electronic products to be used in daily consumer life.

OKorder Related introduction of electronics products

It belongs to a specific household appliances, electronic components, often used in entertainment, communications and other instruments, such as telephone, audio equipment, television, DVD player and even electronic bell. Consumer electronics are all over the world. 


      Classification of electronics products:

     The ceramic capacitor: chip capacitor, capacitor, high voltage, adjustable capacitance, capacitance, high energy capacitor discharge;

The positive and negative temperature coefficient thermistor, high-precision adjustable potentiometer, high pressure resistance

Electronic products - Sheet inductance coil: high-frequency inductor, power inductor, coil antenna;

] squelch element / EMI noise filter, flake magnetic beads, beads row, DC / AC common mode choke coil, the military with composite type of squelch filter;

The ceramic patch resonator, oscillator: pins, automotive, surface acoustic resonator oscillator;

The communication equipment with filter, acoustic surface filter, RF filter, if filter, Kam frequency divider, medium / antenna / transceiver duplexer, and medium band pass filter;

The high-frequency components: high frequency micro chip capacitor, sheet dielectric antenna, dielectric resonator, RF switch, coaxial cable;

The high frequency components of PLL components; RF switch; microwave oscillator VCO, Bluetooth module Bluetooth;

The power switch power supply, high voltage power supply, ultra-thin power supply, C&D power supply module;

The sensor element: gyroscope, ultrasonic, impact, rotation, magnetic recognition, thermal IR, temperature sensor

The piezoelectric buzzer, buzzer vibration plate etc..

     Competitive situation of electronics products:

     How big is the market for the education electronics products industry?How about the perspective of electronics products?It has been the focus of attention in the industry. In recent years is generally considered only a few billion market size of the electronic dictionary, PDA and other electronic industry, with the advent of technology update and digital era, attracting more consumer groups, the market size has been expanded to 200.There are 500 million people in China have a need to learn English, with 5% of the purchase rate, for example, sales of 25 million units, with an average 800 yuan each (electronic dictionaries, digital learning machine price average) prices, market worth $200. From another point of view, the data show that in the large English industry, books and audio and video products, such as VCD and other audio products each year has about 350 million sales, while English training can also create 120 billions of brilliant record".

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