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Japanese media said the Chinese electronics manufacturers are rising

Dec 25, 2015

      For a long time, in the eyes of many Japanese people,“Made in Japan”is a symbol of high quality, and "made in China" is the "cheap". But the idea is now beginning to be broken by the emerging Chinese electronics manufacturer. Japan J-cast news network 3 journal article pointed out that in June, Chinese electronics manufacturer are Quite different.The article said, after the 2013 China Canton Fair, only the TV show has more than 20 enterprises on display of ultra-thin TV, more than a lot of enterprises are on display 4K TV, and the launch of 4K TV is Japan's TV manufacturers will have to play a trump card.Recently, millet company to build the 49 inch 4K TV, millet TV 2 officially listed, this TV equipped with Android operating system, but also has 3D display effect, but its price as long as 3999 yuan, about 1/3 of the price of similar products in japan.Not only that, the company launched millet smart machine is also to its high quality and inexpensive to win a lot of sales. Although there have been a criticism of millet in the cottage Apple Corp iPhone, but there are a lot of iPhone users in the actual use of the said, although millet is equipped with Android system, but the use of time and do not feel what is not adapted. Even some people believe that millet has been able to say that can threaten the existence of samsung".

OKorder Japanese media said the Chinese electronics manufacturers are rising

     In contrast, Japan's domestic electronics manufacturers, to Sony Corporation as an example, although Sony recently proposed to July 2014 the TV manufacturing sector "separation" and lay off 5000 people, by 2015 March eliminate the deficit target, and puts forward the "to 4K TV enter the high fine TV" concept, but from the point of view of the status quo of the Sony to achieve such a goal, the outlook is not optimistic about the fear.The article also points out that, although the Japanese domestic "Japan made the strongest" concept has been deeply rooted, but a lot of people also at the same time, forget the "Asia also has more than the Japanese electronics manufacturers of enterprises" this fact. If Japan's manufacturers and consumers are still immersed in such a dream, Japan's home appliance manufacturing industry may be stalled again.

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