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Reliability design of electronic equipment

Dec 25, 2015

     According to the electronic device definition, the reliability of electronic equipment is a key feature to determine the effectiveness of the product, which is the ability to avoid failure. The reliability of products, the higher the better. High reliability products, can work for a long time (which is what all consumers need to get); from the electronic device definition, is the higher the product reliability, product can be no fault work longer.

OKorder   Reliability design of electronic equipment

     According to the electronic device definition of the International Electrical Commission, the reliability of the product under the provisions of the provisions of the time and the ability to complete the required functions.

     From the user's point of view, the quality of an electronic device is nothing more than two aspects. The first is whether the equipment can reach the technical index, which is fully equipped with the function of the instruction manual; the two is whether the equipment is reliable and durable in use. From the electronic device definition and electronic equipment designers to understand, after the completion of the "provision" design must consider how "in the specified time and the provisions of the conditions to complete the function of the ability," that is to consider the reliability of the problem. Otherwise, the function of an electronic device is more and more advanced technology, if the fault or life is short. Then this device will be no vitality.

     The main indicators of the electronic device definition reliability are as follows: 1. The reliability of the equipment, the equipment in the specified time and under the conditions, the completion of the specified function. 2, the failure rate, refers to the equipment in the specified time and under the conditions, the loss of the function of the probability. 3, the loss of efficiency, refers to the equipment work in general, the number of failures of equipment and the number of normal operation of the equipment. 4, average life, refers to the average working hours before the failure of equipment. 5, the average repair rate, the average time required to repair the equipment failure, reflecting the equipment can be repaired.

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