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What is definition of e-waste

Dec 25, 2015

     definition of e-waste---Basic meaning

     Electronic waste, refers to the waste of electronic and electrical products, electrical and electronic equipment (hereinafter referred to as the product or equipment) and its waste parts, components and the State Environmental Protection Administration in conjunction with the relevant departments to be incorporated into electronic waste management of goods, material. Including the scrapped products or equipment, scrap semi-finished products and waste produced in industrial production activities, products or equipment maintenance, renovation, re manufacturing process scrap and activity of daily life or to provide services for the daily life of the waste products or equipment, as well as laws and regulations prohibit the production or import of products or equipment.

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     definition of e-waste---Development status

     Electrical and electronic products is one of the fastest growing products in twentieth Century.According to statistics, China's social ownership has reached 3.5 units, refrigerators, washing machines have reached 1.3 and 1.7. And with the development of electronic technology and innovation, electronic product updates faster and faster, and their service life will be shortened, which makes the number of electronic waste doubled. According to statistics, the future every year in our country will have at least 500 million television sets, 400 million refrigerators and 500 million washing machines to scrap, every year will have 500 million computers, 10 million mobile phones into the phase out period. And in the United States, there have been 100 million old computer to be eliminated, is expected to within the next ten years, there will be 150 million computers are eliminated. A market survey of electronic products in Western Europe.

     definition of e-waste---Basic category

     Generally it can be divided into two categories: one is the relatively simple materials, the environment of the waste electronic products.The other is that the material is more complex, and the waste electronic products are very harmful to the environment.

     definition of e-waste---Treatment measures

     As a complex of resources, electronic waste contains many precious resources. For the use of electronic waste, recycling is the important way to solve the problem of resource shortage and environmental pollution.

     definition of e-waste---Main harm

     The composition of electronic waste is complex, and more than half of the material is harmful to human body, and some are even highly toxic.

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