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what is the definition of chemistry

Dec 25, 2015

What is the definition of chemistry?Let me tell you!

OKorder what is the definition of chemistry

     What is the definition of chemistry?Chemistry is a kind of natural science. It studies the composition, properties, structure and changing law of matter at the molecular and atomic levels. The world is made of matter, which is one of the main ways and means for human beings to understand and transform the physical world. It is a long and dynamic discipline. Its achievement is an important symbol of social civilization. Chemical changes and physical changes exist in chemistry.

     What is the definition of chemistry?The word "Chemistry", if it is from the literal interpretation is "the science of change". Chemistry is the basic science of natural science. Chemistry is a natural science based on experiments. The periodic table of chemical elements proposed by Mendeleev has greatly promoted the development of chemistry. Today, many people call chemistry ?as"Central Science", because the chemistry is the core of the science, such as materials science, nanotechnology, biochemistry, etc.. Chemistry is a natural science which studies the composition, structure, properties, and changing of the material at the atomic level, which is also the core of the chemical changes. There are two subjects in five subjects: inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, analytical chemistry and polymer chemistry.

     What is the definition of chemistry?Who is the object of study?Chemistry plays an important role in our understanding and the use of matter. The universe is made of material, chemistry is the human understanding and transformation of the material world, the main method and means, it is a long history and a dynamic discipline, and human progress and social development of the relationship is very close, it is an important achievement of social civilization.From the beginning of the use of fire in the primitive society, to the use of a variety of man-made substances in the modern society, human beings are enjoying the chemical results. Human life can continue to improve and improve, the contribution of the chemical in which played an important role.

      What is the definition of chemistry?What is its research method?

The analysis of the chemical composition of the stars, the distribution of elements, the existence of simple compounds in the interstellar space, and the experimental data for the celestial evolution and the modern cosmology, also enrich the contents of the natural dialectics.

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