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Research methods of Chemical Science

Dec 25, 2015

 What is chemistry the study of? First, we know the main methods of chemical research:

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     (1) observation: a method of studying the object with a plan and a purpose for the purpose of using the senses. People can observe the color of the material, the state of the material, the smell and the smell, and can also be used to observe the instrument, so as to improve the sensitivity of observation.

     (2) experiment: with the aid of experiment, it can be separated and purified by the need of material, determine the elements and content of the material, explain the material microstructure, reveal the nature of chemical phenomena. The experiment can be divided into qualitative and quantitative experiments.

     (3) classification: refers to be arranged to study the object of study, and summarizes the general rules of all kinds of things, or a study will be the subject of classification, through the general law of this kind of thing a profound understanding of the research object.

     (4) comparison: to find out the similarities and differences between objects , and to understand the inner relationship between the objects.

     (5) the hypothesis: in the face of the fact that the material and scientific theory is based on the assumption that the unknown facts or rules of the proposed. After the hypothesis is put forward, we need to be confirmed by the experiment to be a scientific theory.

     (6) the model: Based on objective facts, it is a simplified simulation of things and their changes. 

     Through the main method, we understand what is chemistry the study of  basic knowledge , we should further understand what is chemistry the study of, but also to study the nature of the experiment design of unknown objects should be based on the observation of the ingredients to make bold speculation, in order to determine the nature of the experimental design. So as to know what is chemistry the study of.

     In addition, what is chemistry the study of known composition (or structure) of the material properties of the experimental design, but also the method of chemical research.

     For the material of a given composition (or structure), first of all, it should study its elements, the ions or atoms, according to the existing knowledge experience, guess the nature of the possible, and then according to the results of speculation, the design of the corresponding experiment to verify. Because of these, it is necessary to master the nature of common substances.

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