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What are the common dangerous substances

Dec 25, 2015

According to the classification of dangerous chemicals is GB13690 - 1992 "classification and sign" of common dangerous chemicals and GB6944 - 2005 "classification and code of dangerous goods", is divided into the following categories:

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     what is a hazardous substance? The first class of explosives,

Explosive refers to the external loads (such as heat, pressure, impact, etc.) can react violently, instantaneous produce large amounts of gas and heat, so that the surrounding a sharp rise in pressure and pressure shock wave (explosion) caused by damage to the surrounding chemicals.

     what is a hazardous substance? Second kinds of gas,

1, flammable gas such as compressed or liquefied petroleum, carbon monoxide, methane, etc..

2, non flammable and non flammable gases such as choking gas (nitrogen), oxidizing gas (oxygen) or not belonging to other gases.

3, toxic gases such as chlorine, ammonia and so on, have strong harmfulness to human health.

     what is a hazardous substance? Third category: flammable liquid,

A closed cup flash point test is less than 60.5 degrees, easy to liquid and liquid mixture or liquid containing solid matter combustion. Such as gasoline, acetaldehyde, acetone, benzene, methanol, cyclohexane, benzene, chlorobenzene ether, ethylene anticorrosive paint, but not because of its hazardous properties have been included in other categories of liquid liquid desensitised explosives.

     what is a hazardous substance? Fourth types of substances that are flammable, combustible, easy to be spontaneous combustion, and the discharge of flammable gas in the case of water,

     what is a hazardous substance? Fifth types of oxidative substances and organic peroxide,


     what is a hazardous substance? Sixth category - toxic substances and infectious substances,

     what is a hazardous substance? Seventh kinds of radioactive material,

     what is a hazardous substance? Eighth category: corrosive substances,

     Such as sulfuric acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid and other acidic corrosion products; sodium hydroxide, barium sulfide and alkaline corrosion products; and phenol formaldehyde solution, sodium and other corrosive substances;Its hazard: corrosive, toxic, and some of the spontaneous combustion and explosive.

     what is a hazardous substance? Ninth category of miscellaneous dangerous substances and articles.

Substances and articles that are not included in other categories, such as hazardous substances, substances, or substances, such as microorganisms, or tissue, etc.

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