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This article will let you know definition of communications

Dec 25, 2015

     What is communication?This article will let you know definition of communications.

OKorder This article will let you know definition of communications

     Definition of communications1:To communicate and transfer information between persons and persons or persons with nature through a behavior or medium.The generalized definition of communications is:An arbitrary method is used in the case of the parties or the parties to which the information is required to be used without violating their will.

     Definition of communications2:Communication is the transmission of information, which is transmitted from one to the other, the purpose of which is to transmit information. Communication is the communication between people and people through a certain kind of media information exchange and transmission, from the broad sense, regardless of what method, using what medium, as long as the information from one to another, can be called communication. Communication mode: the ancient Beacon Tower, drumming, post horse, pigeons, such as relay semaphore, modern telecommunications etc.. Ancient communication for long distance, the fastest to a few days time, and modern communication in telecommunications, such as the telegraph, telephone, express mail, SMS, e-mail, the realization of the instant communication. The United States Federal Communications Act on communication is defined as: Telecommunications and radio and television. The world trade organization, the International Union (ITU) and the China's telecommunication management regulations for the telecommunications definition are: including public telecommunications and radio and television.

     In different circumstances,definition of communications has different interpretations,the transmission of information is transmitted by a single interpretation of the electric wave transmission and communication, which is transmitted from one to the other.In a wide variety of communication methods, the use of "power" to transmit the message of the communication method is called. This communication has the characteristics of rapid, accurate and reliable. It is almost free from time, place, space, distance, and thus has been rapid development and wide application.

     With the rapid development of modern science, radio, fixed telephone, mobile phone, Internet and even video phone, etc.. Communication technology has shortened the distance between people and people, increased the efficiency of the economy, profoundly changed the way of human life and social appearance.

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