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chemical hazards examples

Dec 25, 2015

 Chemical hazards examples: dioxin

OKorder chemical hazards examples

     Dioxin is a highly toxic substance, the most toxic in known compounds. Mainly from municipal waste incineration, containing chlorinated chemicals, pulp bleaching and automobile exhaust, etc.. Among them, the burning of garbage is the largest source of dioxin! Human beings are often caused by ingestion of food contaminated with dioxin, especially dioxin with fat soluble in meat, dairy products and fish fat. So we should pay attention to health and balance, do not eat contaminated food, to participate in appropriate physical exercise, rest, to maintain and improve the physique, enhance immunity and detoxification function.

     Chemical hazards examples two: heavy metal pollution

     Heavy metals are metals that are greater than 4.5g/cm3, and are generally toxic to humans. Such as copper, nickel, lead, zinc, mercury, etc.. Through the ecosystem, the aquatic organisms have all kinds of toxic effects. Through drinking water, skin contact, food chain pathways directly or indirectly affect human health. Lead, cadmium, and mercury are toxic substances that can cause harm to human body. Lead, cadmium and mercury are mainly derived from food, which is mainly derived from food, which is not harmful to people's health.

Agricultural ecological environment, especially the heavy metal pollution in soil is now more common. Heavy metal pollution has great damage to the growth, yield and quality of crops, especially in the crops. It also has the potential to absorb and enter the food chain, which is harmful to the health of human and livestock.

     Chemical hazards examples three: indoor chemical pollution

     In addition to outdoor air pollutants by air flow into the room outside the various indoor decoration materials, kitchen cooking, cosmetics, daily chemicals and chemical products, copier, radioactive contaminants are important indoor chemical pollutants.

     Chemical hazards examples four: cosmetic pollution

     Clinical findings, the use of cosmetics caused by the increase in patients with dermatitis.

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