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Characteristic analysis of consumer electronics industry

Dec 25, 2015


     At present, the production capacity of global consumer electronics industry is mainly concentrated in Asia and South America, with China, India, Southeast Asia, Brazil, Mexico and other gradually rise,these regions focus on many brands of manufacturing base and foundry manufacturing base. From the perspective of industry chain, to the mainland of China as the core, along the east coast line extended breakdown of the Japan, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, India and other countries and regions, from the chip to the software, from industrial design to mold making, from components to the products, consumer electronics industry chain increasingly perfect and mature, competitiveness increased year by year, has affected the pattern of global consumer electronics industry. 

OKorder Characteristic analysis of consumer electronics industry

     Consumer electronics industry enterprises need to have a strong technical research and development capabilities, rich experience in production, good staff management, excellent cost control, a large number of capital reserves, but also need to support more and more downstream, so these companies are generally in the economy more developed and relatively concentrated areas of production. At present, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and other provinces is the main location of domestic consumer electronics and consumer electronics foundry business.

     2, cyclical

     Consumer electronics industry end demand for OEM manufacturers have a direct impact on business performance. In recent years, smart phones, tablet computers and other new consumer electronic terminals and the emergence of the field of application, will drive the consumer electronics industry to grow.

     3, seasonal

     Consumer electronics industry have seasonal characteristics. European and American markets, the major festivals such as Thanksgiving, Christmas and other concentrated in the fourth quarter, so the brand manufacturers, retailers and other general in the four quarter, to deal with the holiday shopping boom.In addition, other festivals such as Easter will also cause the increase in sales of products. In contrast, the first and second quarter of the year and the demand is less, they belong to the industry's low season. Domestic market, because five one holidays, eleven golden week, double eleven network promotion, the Spring Festival holidays and other factors,every year the fourth, the third quarter is the peak season for consumer electronics industry.

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