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The survival and competition of consumer electronics companies

Dec 25, 2015

     I'm working for a consumer electronics companies.I understand the model and management model of consumer electronics companies.Below I will introduct the model of consumer electronics companies:

OKorder The survival and competition of consumer electronics companies

     1,The project management department in the consumer electronics companies set up project team,and have project approval.Collectting consumer groups and some basic parameters with sales and market research department.

     2,According to the basic requirements issued by the project department,ID department began to product modeling.General ,they will provide more than one form and appearance effect to the PM/ market and sales department.After the selection of ID, according to the processing requirements,they will set models to see the actual results and review. 

     3,After the completion of the ID modeling, the rest work will be handed over to the structural design and the H/W department.First,according to ID requirements,structural design MD will be removed.Complete the layout and functions of the components and functions. This time MD will complete the design of the components and the DXF file to the H/W MD. Here we are doing this. MD need to be based on the appearance of the ID.TSP/LCD/battery/PCBA/speaker/Mic and so on. The most painful when doing MD test SDA and ESD test. The most painful when doing H/W test. MD and Drop testing. Each company and the form of product testing standards are different. 

     4,H/W received the DFX of the motherboard to start the design circuit.First, they need to consider the board's process and board space,whether they can put these parts.So this time, they will give priority to those with multiple performance and small size of electronic components and chips.At the same time, they have to take into account the follow-up of electromagnetic interference and ESD test. Otherwise, the next test will be more difficult and complicated. 

     5,MD will give the antenna position and size chart to the antenna design department. Antenna Team will work with MD and H/W to design antenna. After the antenna will be discussed with the antenna to achieve the Spec. in fact a product signal first and the MD and ID.

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