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detailed annotation of consumer durables industry

Dec 25, 2015

     Consumer durables industry refers to those who have a longer service life, generally can be used repeatedly in the consumer goods industry. Consumer durable goods because of the number of purchase, so the consumer's purchase behavior and decision-making more cautious. The typical application of the durable consumer goods industry such as: home appliances, furniture, etc..

     The main market characteristics of the consumer durables industry:

     1, product turnover cycle is long

     2, long passage is the main, supplemented by short path; short path is generally to meet market

     3, the market vivid organization form - in the store as much as possible to carry out the product demonstration and display, this route is a business or a distributor control

     4, the characteristics of the sales organization - Office System


OKorder detailed annotation of consumer durables industry

5, logistics situation - in the large area of the warehouse, pay attention to the dealer inventory

     6,focus on the consumer's after-sales service.

     On the mature market,the positioning of the consumer durables industry should pay attention to that  consumer is always new.As the times change, these new consumer groups will always like the latest style and the latest features of the product.

So, under the same brand conditions, the updated model, the updated product content, the updated scientific and technological means, always can easily catch these people. 

     In the mature market,the consumer of consumer durables industry has the first consumer, but also there will be repeated consumption.If only in order to pursue the product sales,it can be positioned in the past education of the crowd.In product design in line with the conditions required,and then to pursue the rationality of price.

     If you want to attract the first consumer of the product, it is to find out the people in the crowd, from the appearance of the product, features to make a personality to meet these people's interests and tastes. Of course, this is just a position to snatch the market, and this goal is to increase market share.

     Computers, color TV, refrigerators and other products belong to consumer durables industry, their products are basically the same, so their own to find their own position, such as the public, personality, professional, durable, or cost-effective, in short, you need to find a position.   

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