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what type of paint to use on cabinets

Dec 25, 2015

In the process of decoration, the choice of the paint is one of the important things.But what type of paint to use on cabinets?Next I will share my experience with you.

OKorder what type of paint to use on cabinets?

   What type of paint to use on cabinets?

   If the finish quality is good,can not be a primer on it?Of course it is not.The primer has multiple effects, like close wall base, improve the paint adhesion, fullness, if there is no priming paint, so it may lead to metope paint absorbing too much too fast, even shortly after brushing discoloration, peeling paint and other problems.When brushing the wall,do not save money and remove the primer.You know,the primer wall is more durable and cheaper. 

   What type of paint to use on cabinets?This coating is able to buy back is to repair the wall, the wall will be a certain crack resistance.No, the quality of the paint to a certain extent slow down the speed of the wall, but in addition to the anti cracking effect of the paint, construction and maintenance is also a key factor in the wall cracking. Recall that a thin coat of paint film can prevent the wall cracking, it is not too anti human guards.

   What type of paint to use on cabinets?Wood products containing toluene diisocyanate. If the wood paint and latex paint construction at the same time, these in a free state of TDI will react with latex paint composition, make brushing latex wall yellow. Not so wood paint and latex paint and construction. Recommended to brush wood paint brush again wall paint, prevent wood paint composition in the pollution on the wall.

   What type of paint to use on cabinets?The rest of the paint is also common.white paint, varnish or can look at the neighbors can not use, but the rest of the color paint can be done, and some people do so: to go back to the good thing, can use do not waste ~ ~ this is a big mistake. The paint has openings used, the shelf life is very short, can not be stored for a long time, if not, they can only pay by the relevant professional departments for the recovery of (not just drained into the sewer), or can be temporarily stored in the container sealed.

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