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what type of paint for kitchen cabinets

Dec 25, 2015

What type of paint for kitchen cabinets?With people's attention to home security,the concept of environmental protection has been deeply rooted in the hearts.Environmental protection ?has become a big market demand, which is the environmental protection paint.Zero formaldehyde, VOC, anti mildew sterilization and other functions become the characteristics of businesses selling.This time I will give you a detailed introduction to the three types of coatings.

   What type of paint for kitchen cabinets?---solvent coating

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   It is also known as high solid content of solvent paint,in order to adapt to the increasingly stringent environmental protection,it is developed from the common solvent based coatings.The main characteristic is that the amount of organic solvent can be reduced under the premise of the original production method and coating process. It can be used for a special needs of the space or the small area of the local space, such as home fire, furniture, etc..

   What type of paint for kitchen cabinets?Water-based paint

   Compared with organic solvents, water - based coatings are characterized by non - toxic, non - smelling, or not, because it is used in coatings production, reducing the cost of coatings and the use of organic solvents, as well as the content of VOC. Water based coatings are divided into three types: water soluble, water dispersible and latex. Most of them are epoxy resin matrix, with the characteristics of fast drying, adhesion, high toughness, anti rust and so on. It is widely used in home decoration.

   What type of paint for kitchen cabinets?---Thermal insulation coating

   Heat preservation and heat insulation coating has double characteristics of coating and insulation material.It has formed a certain strength and elasticity of the insulation layer after drying.

   What type of paint for kitchen cabinets?Owners should be based on their own ?needs of home improvement, select the corresponding features of the paint,don't blindly choose the products that sounds very high, and that's not necessarily what you need.

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