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what paint to use for kitchen cabinets

Dec 25, 2015

In the building materials market,we have not yet chosen, the eye has been spent. All kinds of paint gem, different colors, different brands, every kind of.What paint to use for kitchen cabinets?

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   Now there are a lot of paint products on the market.Many times as the owners, in particular, the owners of the decoration experience, the election is indeed very difficult, in fact, the knowledge of this area, the paint is not difficult to choose,today,I will explain to you what paint to use for kitchen cabinets?I hope I can help you.

   What paint to use for kitchen cabinets?First, Preferences for the first.

   For the color of the paint,the first is to choose their own favorite.Of course,their favorite color and their own personality has a great relationship, like a person's personality is more open and bright, so the general use of white background, in addition to the black hand pattern. 

   What paint to use for kitchen cabinets?second,different colors for different regions.

   The use of the room often determines the effect you want to create. The living room should be bright and relaxed or warm and comfortable, and the restaurant can be dark. The kitchen is always suitable for light color, but caution should pay attention to warm. Corridors and halls are only a function of the channels, so it is bold to use color. The bedroom style is entirely determined by the individual's taste.

   What paint to use for kitchen cabinets?Third,coordination with the color of furniture.

   In addition to the selection of different colors according to different regions,also coordinate with the color of the furniture.If there is no good collocation of color?, it is best to use a light blue, light blue can be very good to eliminate the feelings of irritability, but also will feel a wide field of vision. Of course, these are to be in the premise of their favorite color.

   Attention,after brushing the cabinet,the visual effect will be deeper than the card,so when you choose the color, you need to choose the light one.

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