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what kind of paint to use on cabinets

Dec 25, 2015

Paint can be a good protection of the cabinet, but also has a gorgeous decorative effect, now more and more people like to buy a few barrels of paint,and family to paint the love of the cabinet together.Well,in the process of DIY cabinets, what kind of paint to use on cabinets?Next we come to understand together.

OKorder what kind of paint to use on cabinets

   What kind of paint to use on cabinets?Talking about buying paint,you will find that the market will encounter a variety of key concepts, however, not everyone really aware of these concepts is what, accidentally been fooled.

   What kind of paint to use on cabinets?Is Zero VOC the best?NO!

   VOC is an important indicator of environmental protection, it is normal to say that it is the better, and now there is no lack of a pile of claims on the market VOC products. But!! the lower VOC content, viscosity of the paint will be relatively reduced, after brushing off powder, blistering, cracking one after another, you want to find people no place to cry ~ ~, to decrease the levels of VOC, as long as you can do it with water inside the factory! Actually paint the VOC content has a harmless to the human body the national standards, standards in order to achieve the listing, so there is no need to pursue VOC content.

   What kind of paint to use on cabinets?Is no smell environmental protection?NO!

   As we all know, the pungent paint must be defective.In fact,by adding flavor or low smell materials can be achieved that the paint has no smell.So no smell of paint is not completely environmentally friendly non-toxic, the key is to look at the test report and the certificate of authority of the test data! 

   What kind of paint to use on cabinets?

   A lot of rookie think, the selection of paint must be selected or with the self cleaning function, in fact, the paint's resistance to dirty and no imagination of magic. First of all, if it is not necessary for the external wall paint on the function of the self cleaning, which is so easy to stick ash what, the real home use, clean still have to rely on artificial useful; and wear resistance...... In fact, the number of daily cleaning of the wall is not much, you should not over reliance on a toss and scrub function.


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