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How to look at the transformation of China Telecom

Dec 25, 2015

     (one) basics of telecommunication network operators

OKorder How to look at the transformation of China Telecom

     The concept of telecommunications infrastructure: basics of telecommunication also known as transmission telecommunications, including voice, packet switching data transmission, circuit switched data transmission, telex, fax, leased circuit.

     Basic of telecommunication services: providing public network infrastructure, public data transmission and basic voice communication services.

     Basics of telecommunication Concrete is divided into the following nine:

1 fixed network domestic and local telephone service

2 Mobile Internet telephony and data services

3 satellite communications and satellite mobile communication services

4 Internet and other public data transmission services

5 bandwidth, wavelength, optical fiber, fiber optic cable, pipeline and other network elements for rental, sale of business

6 network bearer, access and network outsourcing, etc.

7 international communications infrastructure, international telecommunication services

8 radio paging service

9 resale of basic telecommunications services

Basics of telecommunication network operator is a company that provides basic telecom services to users. China's three major telecom network operators are: China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom

     (two) integrated information service provider's comprehensive information services: on the one hand, through the application of information and services, to attract customers to use more telecommunications products, on the other hand is to create value for customers. Comprehensive information service provider: to provide comprehensive information content, the use of integrated service means and comprehensive service object. On the one hand, the integrated information is provided to a variety of different types of services; on the other hand, different types of service objects are constantly asked by the operators to provide comprehensive information content and integrated services. Voice service is based, vigorously develop integrated information service, to "Biznavigator", "my e home" Tianyi "customer brand as a guide, in the informatization construction in our province to accelerate the development and create excellent brand, to the vast number of individuals, families, government and enterprise customers to provide Star Internet space, the number of knowledgeable, Chnianet etc. a series of new telecommunication services and" one station "package of communication, information service solutions. The integration of wired, wireless and internet. China Telecom on the basis of basic traditional business, and actively explore transformation of the way, quickly realize from a basic network operator to comprehensive information service provider, the perfect transition at an alarming rate, and number of knowledgeable and biz navigator business is China Telecom to become the leader in information age on behalf of the project.

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