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What are the advantages of telecommunication

Dec 25, 2015

 Advantages of telecommunication are as follows:

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     advantages of telecommunication----brand advantage

     It has a long history in China, the operating experience is rich, it is a trusted brand. It is a mature technology, service is perfect.ts user size proves its business quality.

2 application advantages

     advantages of telecommunication---- application advantages

     More than 90% of the country's personal and commercial web servers are placed on the telecommunications network, which means that the telecommunications users access to these sites are within the network access, fast, the smallest delay, the content is extremely rich, the speed is guaranteed. And other operators to access these sites need to go through its own network, and then transferred to the telecommunications network, which is also connected through the telecommunications interconnection gateway, but also limited by the bandwidth of the Internet gateway. In addition, China Telecom specifically for broadband users to create a IPTV (broadband interactive TV), which is not provided by other operators.

     advantages of telecommunication---- network advantages

     First,after many years of careful management

,China Telecom broadband network has become the  largest and most advanced broadband Internet in China, users access to the Internet, the Internet is stable, the Internet experience.Second, China Telecom has a large scale deployment of broadband wireless network, through the WiFi, Tianyi 3G network to achieve full coverage of wired + wireless, the user can access the broadband network at any time. Third,telecommunications backbone network bandwidth is up to 1500 G, the total bandwidth is so high and other rivals to approach somebody's greatness.Fourth, China telecommunications with 75% of the country's Internet international export, to ensure access to foreign websites speed.  

     advantages of telecommunication----Access technology advantage

     In recent years,chinese Telecom began to vigorously carry out the network,it has realized the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises above the fiber access. And the GPON access technology, not only access to dedicated bandwidth, exclusive, quality of service more fully guaranteed, peak of the Internet not congestion, on small delay, hops less is unmatched by other operators.

     advantages of telecommunication----service advantage

     First of all, it has 10 years of broadband operation experience, professional operation and maintenance and service team,it can efficiently and quickly deal with failure; second, it provides a unified national service hotline 10000, 7 x 24.

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