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How to update oak cabinets

Dec 25, 2015

When you find your oak cabinets are old and ugly ,you would like to know how to update oak cabinets. But before teach you how to update oak cabinets, I want to tell you how to distinguish the material of oak.There are few points which may help you before you figure out how to update oak cabinets.  

OKorder How to update oak cabinets


1, visual discrimination method: bathroom cabinet is made from natural wood , such furniture ‘s surfaces are generally the beautiful patterns of wood; if a door on the surface of wood and wood doors can not correspond, it is facing the bathroom cabinet.

2, touch: discrimination method hand on the surface of the cabinet, carefully check the polished surface is smooth, with particular attention to the Taiwan feet is rough, palette is streak and the angular position of the paint is too thick coating, whether there is a crack or bubble.?

3, voice recognition method: hand tapping the door if the sound is ringing, indicating the good materials in the cabinet production process and quality; if the sound muffled, hoarse, a crackling noise, the material or a combination of the best quality is not good, in general, this kind of bathroom cabinet is better not to buy.

4, olfactory discrimination method: with the most solid wood, pine resin flavor, camphor has obvious smell of camphor but the fiber board, the density board will have a strong pungent door, especially in the cabinet door or drawer; but many unscrupulous businesses will be of inferior wood with industrial flavor, so consumers we must seriously ask and view the related problems and situations.Figure out those point,we should know something else before you know how to update oak cabinets.

   If consumers want to buy dark oak furniture,you must look carefully at the part which has no coloring,and see a strong sense of pure oak characters. Wood color is pure. The best selection of oak furniture 'color type', and rubber wood wood color is pure, and even complex spots, black spots. Knowing this few points ,you'll know how to update oak cabinets.

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