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how to sand kitchen cabinets

Dec 25, 2015

How to sand kitchen cabinets?Before to solute this problem ,Let us know about the sandpaper. 

OKorder how to sand kitchen cabinets

   In the choice of the paper, should pay attention to every step of using different types of sandpaper.Polished wood should be used 180# - 240# sandpaper; grinding splint or primer to select 220# - 240# sandpaper; polishing primer to be used 320# - 400# sandpaper; a final polishing primer or top coat to use 600# - 800# sandpaper polished finish to the 1500# - 2000# sandpaper.

   How to sand kitchen cabinets?---dry grinding

   Using sandpaper for polishing. It is suitable for hard and brittle lacquer kind of polishing, its disadvantages are: the operation process will produce a lot of dust, the impact of environmental health.

   How to sand kitchen cabinets?---Wet grinding

   Using sandpaper dipped in water or soapy water grinding.The mill can reduce wear, improve the smoothness of coating, and, sandpaper, and labor. Note that the attention should be lower when spraying water,one is to completely dry before water layer coated layer of paint, or paint layer is easily burnt. The other substrate absorbent is not water. 

   How to sand kitchen cabinets?---Mechanical polishing

   In the large area of construction, in order to improve the work efficiency, mechanical polishing method, such as electric grinding machine.

   How to sand kitchen cabinets?The use of manual grinding sandpaper, generally the whole sandpaper is divided into four pieces,each folded with the thumb and little finger grip ends,and the other three fingers spread flat on the sand, back and forth on the surface of the sand grinding objects. At any time ,according to the sand grinding object to transform,use the hole in your fingers and the expansion of your fingers,In the concave and convex regions and edges and corners, motorized polishing.When a large area of sand, need to master "with high standard" principle, the application of palm rotation sandpaper, can also be attached to a stiff rubber lining such as sponge, cork, with the thumb and index finger grip around the face, flat sanding. Sand grinder nail should moderate length, so it can effectively avoid injuring the finger.

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