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how to repaint bathroom cabinets

Dec 25, 2015

How to repaint bathroom cabinets?---First,scrape the transparent putty.

OKorder how to repaint bathroom cabinets

   Scrape a thin layer of transparent putty,which can be subtle to fill small breathing holes the surface of the wood, and form a protective.In the summer, the general 2-3 hours can be dry, in the winter, the time will need to be longer. After the dry scraping putty to fill out, and then carry out the procedure.

   How to repaint bathroom cabinets?---Primer

   Put the paint in proportion,then wait twenty minutes later with a good paint,so the bubble disappears, with 160 mesh gauze filtration, tofo will grind dust, spray the first primer, 3 hours before grinding, dust removal, spray second primer, repeated spray four times.

   How to repaint bathroom cabinets?---painting

   The paint in proportion, for twenty minutes, until the bubble disappeared, with 200 of the gauze filter. Then take the primer tofo to clean spray and spray paint first.After 6-8 hours, with 800 water sandpaper to rub the surface gently,after cleaning dust and then sent to clean the barn.

   How to repaint bathroom cabinets?---Transparent paint

   To make the finished spray color transparent paint (the process of waterproofing and wear-resisting function).With 130 degrees of medium temperature baking 30 minutes,conservation 24 hours on it.

   How to repaint bathroom cabinets?Normal bathroom cabinet should use environmentally friendly paint,in the use of 3-5 hours after the paint, the better of the paint will not have much taste.In addition, the surface of the product looks more smooth,there is no small particles attached to the surface of the product (clean spray room to do this).In addition,whether the surface of the product and the inner surface are treated by the paint.The contact to the site is smooth. Fill in the gray is a clear color, whether the surface of the flow, brush marks, skin and other defects. Handle, hinge, guide rail and other hardware accessories whether there is pollution. Film is uniform, thick. The boundary of different color paint is clear. Paint processing technology in the cost of the product accounted for a large proportion.

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