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how to refurbish kitchen cabinets

Dec 25, 2015

The old kitchen cabinets,which doesn't look good, but we don't want to give up,then put the old kitchen cabinets refurbished.

OKorder how to refurbish kitchen cabinets

   How to refurbish kitchen cabinets?No matter what kind of furniture to renovate,we believe that the method is the same.

   How to refurbish kitchen cabinets?First step,replace the hardware.

   If you are still hung with the original handle and knob, it may take a long time to come to a complete hardware overhaul. Fortunately, many crafts and boutique already have this service, and provide a variety of styles of prices. Free to use these tiny parts to show your personality. Look for a modern look with a stylish hardware, or fun Bohemia style. If the paint is like a haircut, then the new hardware is a perfect accessory to highlight your best features!

   How to refurbish kitchen cabinets?Second step, add the window.

   The box window can immediately light up your kitchen space, and it is relatively easy to install. Use your cabinet door to measure and buy glass sheets or tiles from the hardware store. You can arrange a tiled pattern, or insist on a sleek, solid appearance.You can hire someone to cut out the middle cabinet for you, or you can try carpentry. Make sure you have the proper equipment to make sure you are safe, and to prevent yourself from being hurt.

   How to refurbish kitchen cabinets?Third step, restructuring.

   Spend some time in your closet space. If you have children, then you should consider some of the more commonly used kitchen supplies.

   How to refurbish kitchen cabinets?Fourth step, paint or repair.

   Paint work is one of the most underestimated design techniques. Add a new color scheme to your kitchen that can completely change the style of your space. Paint is not the only skill, you can polish and repair the old wooden cabinet can also make your kitchen the overall feeling a great difference.

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