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how to reface kitchen cabinets

Dec 25, 2015

The house has been renovated ,but how to reface kitchen cabinets?With my experience in the decoration which is more than ten years, to share some of the specific circumstances.

   How to reface kitchen cabinets?---The design of ambry

OKorder  how to reface kitchen cabinets

   In the installation of cabinets, panels, all kinds of hardware and other materials used are very much, it is easy to confuse.So in the installation, we need to have the cabinet design drawings to guide.

   How to reface kitchen cabinets?---The installation preparation

   1,Description of installation order:A chef in the kitchen for drilling, installation,Another chef in the kitchen aisle assembled cabinet cabinet to install. The cabinet, cabinet installation are staggered, in general is to install condole cabinet, then install the hood, and then install the table.2,materials and tools of installation:During installation, the primary tool:Jigsaw for cutting,Impact drill for drilling, drill for drilling nails, as well as conventional ruler, marking pen as well as a hammer and a screwdriver, and sealants and for sealing when installing countertops may need to use the grinding machine.

   How to reface kitchen cabinets?---The method of connection cabinet

   In general, all with the fixing piece is fixed to the wall in the cupboard.To ensure safety.Ensure the cabinet in the late stage will not fall.The cabinet plate during the connection process, also need timely installation of hanging code.Hanging code is the most important hardware realization and wall connection cabinet. The cabinet is installed with the use of the Ming loaded code. Hang the code first need is fixed to the corresponding position of cabinet with a nail.

   How to reface kitchen cabinets?---The assembly of the cabinet plate

   The installation of cabinets, compared to the cabinet, should be relatively easy and labor-saving.Because the cabinet does not need to drill holes in the wall, and only need to be assembled, put it to the right place.

   Before installation, we need to clean the corresponding parts, so as not to put into place after the late installation, leaving clean dead.Assembled cabinet is very complicated. The connection method between plates and cabinet or cabinet assembly, connector and screw are connected by wood tip, combo


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