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how to paint wood cabinets

Dec 25, 2015

Some people are concerned about a problem---how to paint wood cabinets?Below I will share some of the things that I know.

OKorder how to paint wood cabinets

   How to paint wood cabinets?The first step is to prepare for production.

   1, to prepare the relevant work instruction, drawings, form. 

   2, ready to paint, curing agent, diluent, spray gun, material, etc.. 

   3, check the process into the number of processed products / model is complete.

   4,Check the size of the processed products to meet the quality requirements.

   How to paint wood cabinets?Second step, spray primer.

   1,After grinding the product for the first time,it must be sprayedby painter.

   2,Prior to spray paint, the product is transferred to the upper procedure, and the control standard is checked for defects, and it meets the requirements.

   3,Clean the dust on the surface of the product with compressed air, and prevent the impurities from penetrating into the paint. 

   4, according to (paint: thinner: curing agent: =1:0.7:0.5) standard deployment of good paint. In principle: when the temperature is high, the curing agent, as appropriate, the amount of paint concentration, diluent, as appropriate, in order to ensure that the paint is not suspended.

   5, put the product on the table or a fixed frame,paint spray gun installed.

   6, turn on the power switch of water curtain machine,open the power curtain machine, in order to absorb excess paint mist.

   7,spray the gun to the product,keep a certain distance,uniform spray paint on products,the painting of the order is: outside the cabinet spray four times, two times each cross painting anyway. Inside the cabinet general spray two times, each time using crisscross way.

   8,We'll have a check on the paint,requirements: spray paint color, no flow, no leakage, no wrinkles, no powder, etc.. Failed to be treated with heavy spray until qualified. 

   9,Please pull the qualified product of the spray paint to the drying room, for natural drying,about 6 hours. Required to put in a neat, no collision.

 10, Before the paint is dry, don't take any of the items.

   How to paint wood cabinets?The third step, spray paint

   1, the oil mill grinding work products after passing inspection, the paint spray paint. 2, spray paint method, requirements: according to the above primer 2-10 steps.

   How to paint wood cabinets?The last step, transfer.

   After the product is processed by the product manager to pass the examination, the next step, and to do the transfer procedures.

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