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how to paint old kitchen cabinets

Dec 25, 2015

Under normal circumstances, the appearance of the kitchen cabinet decided to the visual effect, if the cabinets use for a long time, color effect is not so bright, so it is better to give the cabinet to re paint.But how to paint old kitchen cabinets?There may be different ways for different people.

OKorder how to paint old kitchen cabinets

   How to paint old kitchen cabinets?Of course you can hire a professional painter to paint the cabinets, but if you want to paint, then you should consider carefully in advance, such as how to brush smooth cabinet? Just brush the door or just brush the drawer?

   How to paint old kitchen cabinets?What are the steps in the paint?

   1, thoroughly clean the surface of the cabinet, so that it is no longer greasy and full of dirt. 2, to fill the cabinet surface potholes, let it clean up. 3, brush a layer of primer. 4, brush two paint, let it dry completely. 5, and so the cabinet completely dry, put them back together again.

   How to paint old kitchen cabinets?What kind of paint do we need?

   Recommend that you choose the best paint for the cabinet. If you can't choose which is the best paint, then to have the credibility of the paint shop to ask where the staff, they can help you choose the right product. Good paint can not only keep the fresh brightness, but also to extend the life of the cabinet.

   How to paint old kitchen cabinets?Finally, the need to tell you is: paint cabinets may look like an easy thing, but it's a lot of work. Make sure you have plenty of time, skill and patience to complete it. Because you will see it every day, so you must put the cupboard paint beautifully, make it very seductive. If you feel inadequate, consider hiring a professional painter to finish. Although the cost may increase, but the advantage is that you can save time, quality is more guaranteed.

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