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how to paint old cabinets

Dec 25, 2015

How to paint old cabinets?The first step is to determine whether or not to change the color of the paint.

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   With the development of the industry, the board is not limited to the wood,our common board are: all kinds of wood board, fire board, plastic sheet, etc.. Among them, the fire board and the plastic forming type of furniture is not suitable for the paint to change color.

   How to paint old cabinets?What kind of preparation before the change of paint?

   If the plate is wood furniture, we can buy some sandpaper,all types have to be prepared. If it is not the log furniture, we should buy some "putty",which can be used to fill and leveling.For the selection of paint, due to the composition of the paint is different, some paint will cause chemical reactions,so we have to choose the type of paint to suit our own furniture.

   How to paint old cabinets?The second step, Polish.

   The direction of the grinding plane is:The above first sanding and then polished the following, first polish outside and then  polish inside.The selection of sandpaper is coarse to fine.The corners of the furniture and the shape and details of the site, you must use the hand. Do you know why you need to polish it? One is to remove the impurities and the original paint on the surface, on the other hand is to increase new paint adhesion.

   How to paint old cabinets?After grinding,we must see whether there is a rough place on furniture. If so, we will use putty leveling, and polish to a smooth state again.

   How to paint old cabinets?Please use the paint brush with a little paint, paint to the surface of the paint,and see if there is a chemical reaction, if it is not,we can do the next step. And then use the brush to paint opened out.

  Brush again after standing for two or three hours, paint the surface with his fingers on the back of the express touch, to feel dry without feeling for good adhesion.Brush second times. After brushing second times, paint dry thoroughly after use very fine water sandpaper, wet grinding, appearance. Mainly to remove the water ripples and paint a knot in one's heart.

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